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lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2008

Fat Guy discover

You seek, you find... Don't be cruel with them Fat Guy.

Fat Guy wishes

You'd enjoy to find some like this, don't you Fat Guy?

Too many chicks, Fat Guy

"I got a plan for you, pretty asses"

Fat Guy is behind three

They're to many, how should you get them, Fat Guy?
"All these asses will be mine"

Chased by Fat Guy

"What do you want from me?", she says.
"What I don't want had to ask me, baby", he replies.
Fat Guy, fucking lucky bastard, she's alone...

domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2008

Fat Guy tits dream

"C'mon, give your little tits to my friends"

Fat Guy slaves dream

A possible dream?

Fat Guy dream

"Kiss yourselves, little bitches"

Fat Guy is waiting for her

"It's true. I was waiting for you"

Fat Guy is behind this girl

He is behind her perfect back. He exactly knows what to do with it.
Fist mania or bat game... or both, of course.

Fat Guy Hell

"Look at this, chick. This is my favorite comics artist"

"Would you like I'll do this to you?

Fat Guy crazyness

"She is so beautiful...!"

Inciting Fat Guy

"Think can deal with this you fat moron?"
Bad actitude pretty girl.

Fat Guy reflections

"How would be make it with her?"
It depends on what you mean saying "it", Fat Guy.

Fat Guy hunting

"Ooops! Catch you!... I thought your big tits could give me some milk"

Fat Guy likes delicate beauty

"I don't know why, that girl makes me crazy"

Lucky Fat Guy

"That's the actitude baby"

Fat Guy, promess me...

"Please, you wount hurt me, don't?",
she says.
"I´ll do many more things to you",
he replies.

A Fat Guy mania